Forensics thought that time was on their side. There is something about this job that get’s people numbed and lose focus on the matter. There they were being experts of sloppiness, shouting and making jokes about last night’s Superclásico while taking samples and photographs of a young and yet warm corpse that once carried someone’s soul. I ordered them to stay quiet –these days respect was something that got to be instructed. The DA left me with a preliminary report stating that the door wasn’t forced and all windows were shut from the inside. He didn’t have time to speak with any of the neighbors, which was odd as he being early at the crime scene. I knocked on the door opposite to Mary’s. An old lady asked who was there and so I replied the usual “Mam, I’m inspector Cárdenas from the Metropolitan Police. There has been a murder and I would like to ask you a few questions, please”.

I showed her my badge through the peephole which let her to open just a bit the door with the security chain on.  “I’m sorry to disturb you at this time of the day. But your neighbor, Mary, was murdered last night. Did you hear or see anything unusual?”

“Madre Santa!” Was her first and only reply. Then she shut the door in an instinctive fashion. I knocked and she opened with the security chain on again.

“I know nothing. I have nothing to do”

“I know, Mam. You are not being accused of anything. I just want to know if you heard something last night around midnight”

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t. I took sleeping pills around ten yesterday and I just woke up”

“I see. Did you know your neighbor, Mary? Was she dating someone?”

“Mary? Gods no! She was no good, let me tell you that. Always partying until late hours. I tried to make her understand that she couldn’t do that but she never came into her senses. That’s why the doctor prescribed these pills for me”

“Did you ever see any of her acquaintances?”

“Only once, but it was a much older man. She was a skank, a highly paid one, that’s for sure”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she was up late all night and nobody saw her ever get up early for work. She was a skank, I tell you. It was a matter of time for her to end up like this”

“Ok, Mam, thank you. That’ll be all for now. You might be called for an official statement”

“But I know nothing” She said and shut the door.

One of the forensics stopped next to me on their way out.

“It’s all yours, champ. The ambulance is going to be here in five minutes to take her to the morgue”

“Do you have something? Do you know how she might died?”

“Yes, someone put a knife through her throat from behind”

But I knew that already. [… To Be Continued …] #Buenos Aires #Murder #Story #Mary #Detective #Police #DA #Mystery

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