The last thing Mary saw was her shadowy red murderer behind the balcony’s reel from the first floor. That sane light stood on until I was called into the scene five hours later by Chief Chavrez of the Metropolitan Police. At her flat only few things remained normal, the rest was an all around crushed crumbled puzzle with Mary’s body crowning the center of the room, facing down, cold and speechless because of the clean cut a kitchen’s knife made through her throat. 

The DA was waiting for forensics to clean up this mess and me to crack this case. “Victim was new in town” he said without saluting. “Typical story of a young and innocent gal who pretends to make a living in this town. We are looking for a jelous old boyfriend from wherever she was from”. “Where would that be?” I asked. “Somewhere West. Get your team and start already. I want this solved by the weekend. No good for us make this new Femicide ” he was certain to say it so but for other reasons. DA was running for Mayor. As for me, I was left behind in that tiny petit hotel of #BuenosAires with a beautiful corpse with no names nor tags or clues. Most likely a poor guy from out of town with probable cause was going to get indicted in front of the cameras for the best of the DA’s campaign. Justice was always served fast to fit their purposes. After looking around for a bit, forensics got there, finally!, maybe after a while they could give some answers… | To Be Continued … | #detective #story #murder#thriller #da #downtown #police #crime#fiction

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